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How to install font in samsung corby 2

Installing font in samsung corby 2 

Hello friends today I am sharing with you a nice trick i.e "How to Change or Install font in Samsung Corby 2. I was asked by many Friends to Share this Tutorial about Samsung Corby 2 So I am Sharing This Trick With You all.

Things You Need
  1. TK File Explorer (link)- A tool that provides access to the hidden system area of your Samsung's internal memory. Download from here
  2. Fonts which you have to install in mobile in TTF format (about 3 or 4 mb). You can Download free font from or Download from here.
  3. Samsung USB Driver Or Samsung Kies.

  1. Launch TK File Explorer.
  2. Connect your Phone
  3. Open TK File Explorer and click Settings icon.

4. You will now asked for your mobile port. Right click on My Computer <> Properties <> Click 'Hardware' Tab <> Click 'Device Manager' Button <> Then Double Click Modems <> And right click Samsung Mobile USB Modem <> select Properties <> Click the Modem Tab and you will see your Port and Max port speed <> Fill this Port Settings and Max port speed in Baud Rate.

5 . Enter Com port and Baud rate then ok and click connect.

6 . After click Connect
Double click AppEx. You will see three folders inside namely Sys, SysDefault and User. Double click User. You will see three folders inside it namely Font, Java and Widget.
Double click Font. Double click Download. You will see that the Download folder is EMPTY.

7 . In the upper area of TK File Explorer, find the fonts you want to install in your Samsung Corby.After finding the font/s, double click it and it will be automatically copied to your phone.
TK File Explorer may stop responding for a while and it's normal. You don't need to do anything but wait because it is still copying. Don't click anything til it finishes.

8. When the copying process is done, Click on Disconnect button and close TK File Explorer And restart your Phone.

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